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I was familiar with Martin’s training before I started my personal training with him. My main goals were to get a stronger core and arms and lose body fat. He spent the first session discussing my goals and devised a plan that worked really well to help me achieve those goals. As I progressed he made the sessions more challenging to improve my overall fitness. With his help my core got a lot stronger, I lost inches off my waist, arms and legs, my energy levels improved and my shape changed for the better. I fully recommend Martin as a trainer, he’s very passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and he continued to challenge me as I got fitter and fitter.

[fruitful_tab title=”Brendan, 27″]

Before starting my training with Martin I wasn’t sure I would have the motivation to see his program through. An old injury meant there were certain exercises I couldn’t do and I was unsure a programme could be specifically targeted to help my sports performance. (Tennis) Martin set attainable goals specific to my needs, and now I am seeing the results. He was able to tailor my program to work around the injury issues and now I am at a stage where my injury is a lot more manageable and I can do exercises pain free. Martin effectively explained how the program related to my sport, and I’m now seeing improvements in my overall fitness and strength. I wanted to improve my sporting performance and add muscle mass and thanks to the training program and Martin’s nutritional advice my weight has increased at a gradual pace. My strength has increased a lot. This is seen in the weight I can now bench press and squat, as well as an increase in the number of pull ups I can do. The strength and conditioning improvements have definitely led to improved sports performance. Martin has been great to work with, he has kept me motivated by updating my workouts regularly while staying focused on my personal goals. I get the feeling he wants me to achieve my goals as much as I do. With a very broad base of knowledge he excels in educating on a range of subjects from injury prevention to nutrition, as well as sports performance. Following my experiences training with him, I would highly recommend Martin to anybody.

[fruitful_tab title=”Tracy, 32″]

I really enjoyed my personal training with Martin. I definitely felt much healthier and fitter, which was my aim. Martin took the time to find my likes and dislikes and made a plan taking all of that into account. I didn’t like jogging so we did sprinting instead as it was more suited to me. He noticed I had a natural competitiveness and we aimed to beat my personal bests each week. This really drove my training and helped with my results. I would highly recommend Martin as a personal trainer or coach.

[fruitful_tab title=”Aoife, 27″]

I’ve never been able to stick with any of the gym programmes I’ve tried before. I was afraid that I would appear very muscular by lifting weights. That all changed when I started working with Martin. He educated and re-assured me that lifting weights would not lead to a muscular appearance unless I trained purposely to do so. He made sure that my goals and objectives were realistic and achievable, encouraging and re-evaluating regularly. This gave me great confidence in his program and allowed me to stick with it better than I had ever done before. My goals were to lower my body fat percentage and be able to dead lift my own body weight as well as doing full push ups and pull ups which have always been impossible. With a lower fat percentage I have toned up around my arms and legs in particular which was always an area of concern for me. I can now dead lift even more than my body weight, do sets of 10 full push ups and 5 pull ups in a row where before I couldn’t even do 1! Martin is an exceptional trainer. His attention to detail is impeccable and he always made me feel very comfortable when I had any reservations or concerns about training. I have achieved all my goals and more, which is a great tribute to his client-focused work ethic. I would recommend Martin to everybody. He has a fantastic personality and without doubt can help achieve your desired goals.

[fruitful_tab title=”David, 35″]

I wanted to get stronger and faster on the pitch to improve my game playing football. When I first approached Martin I had just finished the season and wanted to get in better shape for next season. My legs were pretty strong but my upper body wasn’t as good and I thought that strengthening there would lead to the most improvements on the pitch. Martin screened me for any imbalances or instabilities as well as tested my strength and this was really eye opening. Turned out my flexibility and strength weren’t great at all and this had been the reason behind the many niggles and minor injuries I kept getting. I was training the wrong way to get faster and more explosive and this all changed with the new coaching. Martin taught me that the posterior chain needed more work as that would be where the most speed and power would come from, not my upper body. I felt a lot stronger, was much more explosive off the mark and even though I wasn’t training to look better, I was pretty happy with the improvements in that department too. The niggles and little injuries here and there pretty much disappeared as my muscles were that bit stronger and I recovered a lot better using the nutrition advice that I got also. I continue to train with Martin and would recommend him as a coach to help with your sport.

[fruitful_tab title=”Aisling, 33″]

Martin really helped me get back to myself after having my first baby. I gained some weight and wanted to lose that but I was mostly concerned with retraining my core. I got on really well with Martin, he explained how we would go about the training at a safe and gradual pace. He was able to come to me and we did our training in my home. He was really knowledgeable and helped me understand the whole nutrition and exercise plan. In a short time I was fitter than I was before the baby and I really enjoy the training with Martin.

[fruitful_tab title=”Roger, 64″]

I was always told by my doctor to exercise and start eating better to keep my cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control. After trying and failing by myself over and over again I decided to get help from a trainer. That’s when I met Martin and I didn’t fail again. One thing I really noticed was how passionate he is about his work and after our very first conversation I felt he really cared to help me. I wasn’t just another number in a gym or anything like that. In my earlier days I would have been fitter but now in my 60’s I was unsure about training with this young man but I had no need to worry. We were able to use just a few small pieces of equipment that I could keep in the house and Martin was able to train me here. I had much more energy, the steps we took food-wise were really simple but so effective and I felt great. The next check up with the doctor proved to me that I made the right decision as the cholesterol and blood pressure numbers were better than they’ve been in a long time. Thanks Martin.


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