Pre and Post Natal Training


Mothers are a group of women begging for better, safer, more effective training. Just like your body takes time to adjust to your growing baby for 9 months, all of a sudden you’re not pregnant anymore and the body needs time to heal, recover, and adjust all over again. Your pre and post natal training program needs to take that into account.

After you’ve had a baby, it’s perhaps more important than ever to have someone who really knows what they’re doing take care of your personal fitness plan. If you’ve just had a baby (or know anybody who has), then we’d love to help.

We know that with the new arrival, your time is limited. At The Fit Effect we can design a safe, time efficient program that you can do at home or in the gym taking into consideration any possible lingering issues (like diastasis recti), posture, and retraining your core. You can start feeling great and get to even better shape than you were in before.

“Martin really helped me get back to myself after having my first baby. In a short time I was fitter than I was before the baby and I really enjoy the training with Martin.” Aisling, 33

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