Online Coaching

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is like having your very own fitness consultant. I work with personal training clients in Dublin. Clients who live abroad or can’t reach me in person can still work with me this way. Instead of working with me face to face, you get all the benefits of a great coach but it’s done through phone, social media and email. It’s on your terms and in your own time. No need to shuffle appointments around to suit an already busy schedule.

As a Fit Effect online client you get all the same benefits my in person clients get.

  • A full assessment of your current lifestyle, fitness goals and exercise history.
  • A fully structured training plan built specifically for you which takes your lifestyle, likes/dislikes and goals into account.
  • Nutrition coaching using Precision Nutrition’s expert practices making sure we create a plan that you can stick to long term but most importantly, enjoy.
  • Weekly check-ins to assess your progress from week to week and make any adjustments if needed.
  • Personalised and prompt support. Once you become a client of mine you’ve got my full support and I want you to achieve your goals just as much if not more than you do. My online clients can email me anytime they have a question about their nutrition or their exercise regime, have any ideas or they just want to say they nailed a workout.

Why Fit Effect Online Coaching?

  • Every time you do a workout you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. Depending on your fitness level, equipment and how much time you have your plan will be completely tailored to you.
  • Every time you eat you’ll have a better idea of what to eat, how much and when to get you closer to your goals. Through Precision Nutrition coaching we cover better eating habits, improved portion control and food choices. You’ll have a menu of flexible options depending on what you like and what your current eating habits are.
  • You’ll have accountability and get motivation from me. With weekly check-ins I can keep you accountable, if you haven’t put the effort in that week I’ll let you know about it, we’ll find ways to get over any obstacles and be motivated to work hard the following week speeding up your results and not getting into any ruts.
  • There’s no more guesswork and no more wasted time. You’re not in this alone and you’ve got a coach supporting you the entire time.

It’s the most cost effective way for me to work with you.

Personal training can be expensive. If the average trainer costs €50-€100 per session and most people need up to three sessions a week to achieve their goals you could be looking at a personal training fee of at least €600 per month! And that won’t even cover nutrition coaching and outside the gym support!

At this point you could work with that average trainer for €600 a month or even more with no support or work with an experienced professional supporting you 24/7 for a fraction of that cost.

I only work with a select roster of people who are dedicated to their goals so I can devote my time to give them the best possible service. The idea behind this coaching is to help you graduate to a point where you don’t need me anymore. I ask for at least a 2 month commitment so that we can get the best results possible. I’ve rarely worked with someone past 6 months unless they changed their goals and wanted to undertake a new challenge. In that time many clients have successfully reached their goals and are now much better educated in exercise and nutrition habits.


If you really want to take the next step, apply for a consultation and see if I can help you.


"With a lower fat percentage I have toned up around my arms and legs in particular which was always an area of concern for me.  I have achieved all my goals and more. I would recommend Martin to everybody."
Aoife, 27
Online Client