Personal Trainer Dublin


Our personal training clients have had great success working with us. The training can be done on a one to one basis, training as a couple or small group up to three. Your exercise is fully taken care of under the supervision and guidance of an experienced health and fitness coach. As well as your exercise, a nutrition plan is put together to help you reach your goals. This will take your likes and dislikes into account as well as your schedule. There’s no point trying to fit 6 meals into your day if your schedule only allows 3 or 4. We start off by creating small attainable goals that then become healthier habits. At The Fit Effect we don’t follow any one particular diet like Paleo or Atkins. We fully customize a plan to meet your needs and whatever works best for you.

There are many benefits to One to One personal training sessions as your trainer can help;

  • Optimise your workout time
  • Ensure correct and safe technique
  • Provide extra accountability
  • Motivate and push you harder than you would push yourself
  • Set goals for you and progress your training as you get fitter and stronger

While you will always have the full and constant support of your trainer, Semi-Private personal training with a friend or family member(s) gives you all of the great benefits above.  The only difference is it allows you to motivate and support each other, making your experience even more enjoyable. We can deliver these sessions at your home (depending on location) or at a number of locations in Dublin.

“With his help my core got a lot stronger, I lost inches off my waist, arms and legs. My energy levels improved and my shape changed for the better. I fully recommend Martin as a trainer.” Elaine, 34

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