The Story Behind The Fit Effect

By Martin Moylan

I set up The Fit Effect because the health and fitness industry is becoming a joke. Anyone and everyone who does any type of training can call themselves a trainer without any knowledge or certification and if they have the money they can set up a gym. The problem is worsened when some people who actually get a qualification are still absolutely hopeless but just passed an exam. These people call themselves experts and spout nonsense to whoever will listen. They make incredible claims about exercise and nutrition without ever having studied the research.

We have trainers nowadays who are into bodybuilding so they make all of their clients follow a bodybuilding way of training. With a strict plan the clients lose weight but put it all back on as soon as they adopt their normal way of living again. You’ve got trainers who do nothing but cardio so they don’t ever teach their clients the importance of strength training and push their clients (who should not be running) to do couch to 5K’s or half marathons. People actually go to places to be electrocuted while they exercise! Some trainers can’t even name or perform some exercises let alone teach them correctly and expect their clients to do them. Sadly I see this happen all the time.

The TV shows we all know well from America and also here in Ireland wrongly make viewers believe that losing weight on the scales is the only thing that matters and the only way to quantify success. When the participants don’t hit the numbers for the week, the “experts” berate them in their lycra clothes. If the participant loses their target number of pounds that’s great but if they don’t, it’s a failure. All this does is spread the wrong mentality and keeps viewers in the dark as to what real success is. How is it a success if someone was to lose two or three pounds in water weight or worse in some muscle and hasn’t lost any fat at all? How is it also a failure if that same person didn’t lose any weight but gained some muscle, lost an inch here or there or really started using a healthy habit every day?

To lose a couple pounds in a couple days all I have to do is avoid any carbs and the stored carbohydrate in my muscles (known as glycogen) will be used up and I’ll weigh less. My muscles will look like crap but I’ll weigh less. Will that be better or make me look any fitter?

Absolutely not.  A weighing scales is one of the worst ways to track your progress. Ever notice that the people who follow the TV shows plans are the same people who do it every year? Surely if it were a good plan they’d have been successful in their fat loss and wouldn’t need to follow it when the next series came round? These people running these shows and the trainers out there

The Fit Effect exists so I can help my clients and people who are willing to listen, through educating them on health and exercise properly. I really care about my clients and take an interest in both their family life as well as their work life. I celebrate my clients’ successes in and I also feel their losses. I am passionate about my work and the methods I use are backed by research and proved with experience. I don’t call myself an expert because doing so would be saying I know absolutely everything which is impossible. What my clients can be sure of though is that I am always getting better every single day. I preach that to my clients and live that way myself. I learn and gain more knowledge all the time so that I can give the best service possible. I stand with the trainers who strive to give their clients real, long lasting results and education and oppose the trainers out there who pull the wool over people’s eyes, taking clients’ money all while not teaching them a single thing. Check out our Testimonials section to hear what my clients have to say. I guarantee professional health and fitness training and coaching. If you’re serious about reaching your goals, I will help you get there.


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